ZENXIN Commits to Farming With No Chemicals

Organic farming is more than just turning off the chemical sprayers.
At the heart of organic farming is the vitality of soil. In a nutshell, healthy soil gives rise to healthy plants. At ZENXIN, we have got all the resources to keep our soil fertile. 

Do you know what are they?

Vegetable plot in ZENXIN ORGANIC PARK


Midori organic fertilizers from ZENXIN Agriculture.
When resources are not recycled naturally, we create waste and cause pollution. Manure from ZENXIN Agriculture chicken farm is precious to ZENXIN as they form the raw materials for ZENXIN Agriculture’s star product ——-Midori Organic Fertilizers. Together with palm waste, cocoa waste and Effective Microorganisms, manure is fermented using German and Japan technology. The resulting slow release type fertilizer is stable and beneficial for soil, plants and the Earth, there is also minimal runoff and pollution.

Compost from food waste.
Compost is literally a way to revive living things. All organic waste including bones, kitchen waste, rejected produce, manure and even soiled cardboards not fit for recycling can be upcycled to support new life through composting. The rich microorganism diversity in compost helps unlock all kinds of nutrients in soil and make them available to plants. Some even help plants communicate with each other and to beef up protection mechanisms in the presence of pests.

Good farming practices like cover crops and crop rotation.
ZENXIN orchards are maintained with a permanent green cover crop to protect soil from erosion and to keep biology active under the surface. As for the vegetable plots, legumes are rotated as they can form root nodules to house nitrogen-fixing bacteria. These bacteria extract nitrogen from the air and fix it in the soil, allowing the next batch of crops planted to absorb it nitrogen as a nutrient.

Finally, loving farmers at ZENXIN manage soil nutrients without chemical fertilizers and tackle weeds and pests without pesticides.

After 14 years in organic farming, ZENXIN is even more committed to managing farms organically by working with natural nutrient cycles. You are part of the cycle too and can help to complete this cycle by composting your organic waste. And now, ZENXIN’s new compostable packaging too.

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