The largest and the first open-to-public organic farm in Malaysia, Zenxin Organic Park offers visitors valuable insights into the techniques and virtues of organic farming, combining education and recreational fun in the process.


Our Organic Park 我们的公园

Since 2001 Zenxin Agri-Organic Foods has been planting and providing Malaysia and Singapore customers organic fresh produce that adheres to organic principles. It opened Zenxin Organic Park as initiative to provide educational tours for everyone to see how organic agriculture works. At our organic park, you can visit our organic farmlands, join our guided tours, and get in touch with nature. We hope our tours will allow you to experience how Zenxin upholds its values, and brings you and your family only the best organic products.

自2001年以来,诚兴农业有机食品一直为马来西亚和新加坡客户提供符合有机原则的有机新鲜农产品。 开设的“诚兴有机公园”,旨在为每个人提供教育之旅,以了解有机农业的原则。 在我们的有机公园,您可以参观我们的有机农田,参加我们的导览游,并与大自然保持联系。 我们希望我们的导览与活动能让您体验到诚兴如何秉承其价值观,并为您和您的家人带来最好的有机产品。

What is Organic 什么是有机?

Organic refers to the process of food production, in which no synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicide, insecticide or GMO (genetic modified organism) can be used. Zenxin also adopts the 4 organic principles: Health, Ecology, Fairness, Care.

These principles acts as our company’s motto, as we strive to create healthier soil, food, society and world. Zenxin Organic Park’s farmland is fully certified by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia).

有机是指食品生产过程,其中不能使用合成化学肥料,除草剂,杀虫剂或转基因生物。 诚兴还采用了四个有机原则:健康、生态、公平、关怀


What do we offer 我们提供什么?

Learn 学习

Walk out from your classroom and learn about where your food comes from.



Play 游乐

Visit Happy Farm and make eco bricks, harvest vegetables and hand make your very own vegetable noodles!



Shop 购物

Shop for certified organic fresh vegetables and products at our Farm Mart.



Take a look at some of the moments you can experience here!