6 Steps to Healthier and Happier Kids

As parents, we all want our children to be happy and healthy. 

There is enough information out there on how to raise children to be smart and successful. But what’s best for the kids often seems to contradict with what makes them happy. 

So how do we balance their health and happiness?

1. It all starts with being a healthier and happier you

Photo by M.T ElGassier

Ok, this may sound a bit selfish at first. 

But young children naturally learn by imitating the actions of the people around them, emotionally and physically. Instinctively, that is the best way for them to survive. 

Laughter, like yawn, is contagious. Being a good role model to your children is the most effective way to spread positivity.

2. Trying new colourful and flavourful wholesome food is exciting

Photo: Simply Natural organic handmade noodle from ZENXIN

Nature is very creative in coming up with a plethora of colours and flavours. To enjoy the best of nature’s offerings, include more wholefood when you prepare meals for the little ones.

Excite their taste buds with over 200 types of organic fresh produce and more than 400 types of organic dry goods from ZENXIN. You can aim to try something new every week with your little ones.

The natural colour pigments in wholefood not only bring delights to the eyes, they are good for our body too! For more on the colours of food, check this article out.

3. Cooking together strengthen family bond and build relationships

Photo: Nasi Ulam Workshop in ZENXIN Organic Park

Family bonding time makes the children and their parents happier. Kitchen is the best place for this. 

Let your little ones pick the ingredients when you shop and involve them in food preparation. Many useful skills, like hygiene, sharp tools and fire handling, can be picked up easily this way too. 

Don’t forget to teach them the virtue of sharing after cooking. Swapping home cooked dishes with neighbours, a dying tradition in Malaysia, is one of the best ways to appreciate cultural differences and build acceptance towards diversity. 

4. Growing food at home is healthy and fun

Photo: Growing Amaranth (locally known as Bayam) with Organic2Explore box

Keeping aside a small area in the yard or balcony for growing food helps bring nature right into your home! Home grown food is healthier because you are in control and you can keep it free of pesticides.

Kids love being involved in the garden — from digging and planting to watering and harvesting. And what’s great about gardening with kids is that if they are involved in growing the food, they may want to try the food more.

Need help starting an edible garden with your little ones? Check this out.

5. Eating for emotional well-being

Photo: Eat the Mulberry Fruit in ZENXIN Organic Park

We know that nutritious food is not only essential for kids to have a strong body and the energy to play and learn, but also for their emotional well-being. Children who start the day with a healthy breakfast tend to feel less tired, upset and irritable.

Also, try to help your child relate healthy food with positive situations. For example, instead of giving junk food as rewards, reward them with dried fruits and fresh juices. Making healthy choices will then be easier once they are perceived as comfort food!

6. Expect effort, not perfection

Photo: Little Farmer in ZENXIN Organic Park

Remember, happiness is the goal. You want them to be successful, smart and healthy so that they can be happy. 

Don’t forget that there is always a higher peak to achieve in life. To help build a growth mindset, it is more important to praise their efforts that lead to achievement instead of focusing on the achievements itself. 

So, chill. Don’t push too hard as long as they eat well, play well and are progressing.

These are the six steps to healthier and happier kids.

October is when we celebrate Children’s Day. ZENXIN empowers you to make healthy choices for your children. As we know, healthy kids = happy kids!

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