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As the largest public organic farm in Malaysia since 2009, we provide tours that combine eating, playing and learning for your family and friends. For best experience, pre-book one of the following before visiting:
自2009年以来,作为马来西亚最大的公共有机农场,我们为您的家人和朋友提供结合饮食,娱乐和学习的旅游。 为了获得最佳体验,请在访问之前预先预订以下其中一项:

  1. Organic Farm Guided Walk 有机农场导览
  2. Premade Tour Package 预制旅游套餐
  3. Build your own tour 客制化旅游

*Pls pre-book 48 hours in advance *请提前48小时预订
*All tours are open on weekends only *所有游览仅在周末开放

1. Premade Tour Package

Choose one of our specially curated tour to enjoy your time here. Eat, play & learn packed into an organic and fun way for you!
选择我们其中一款特别策划的旅游配套,在这里享受您的时光。 饮食,娱乐和学习以一种有机有趣的方式为您服务

Duration: 2 hours ± 15min

Signature Tours 特色游

More Premade Tours

2. Customized Tour

Create your very own experience, tailored to your interests. Most suitable for families or groups. Explore different hands on activities.
根据您的兴趣客制自己的体验活动。 最适合家庭或团体。 探索不同的手作活动。

Duration: 2 hours +
时长:2 hours +

Steps for you: 为您准备的步骤:
1. Choose workshop (1hr+ per option) 选择工作坊(每个选项1小时以上)
2. Choose kids activities (15min± per option) 选择儿童活动(每个选项15分钟±)
3. Check out 付款

Customize Tour

3. Organic Farm Guided Walk

Our best seller. Suitable for anyone.

Duration: 1 hour

What’s included? 包括:
Welcome drink, NASAA explanation of our farming practices, 1 hour organic farm guided walk

Price list 价目表
Children (4-12 y/o) – RM25
Senior Citizen (>60 y/o) – RM25
Adult – RM 25

Schedule (Sat-Sun) 时间表
10.00 am
02.00 pm

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