Connecting happiness, health and wealth

Gone are the days that learning has to be in a classroom, in front of a blackboard. And no, it does not have to be in front of a computer or a laptop too.

At ZENXIN Organic Park, we envision learning to be fun filled and explorative, creative and insightful.Onto these learning opportunities, you bond and build loving relationships, you create lasting memories.

Organic2Explore may be the and connection just what you have been searching for all this while.


4 Steps to Fun, here’s how

1. Choose A Box 选择您的箱子
Explore soil or plate?

2. Explore 探索
Organic produce out of  a box and enjoy organic treats, soil to plate you deserve

3. Play 玩乐
Have fun family time as you learn your way

4. Collect Memories 收集回忆
Keep track of your organic journey

Our Inspiration 我们的灵感

“I love spending more time with my kids during lockdown, but I am struggling to adapt to the new responsibility of educating them myself! Don’t mention basic life skills like cooking, I am shocked that my kids (or husband) can’t even recognize many common groceries!”

Can you relate to that? Much as Covid-19 has been a disrupt or it has given us precious opportunities to stop and take stock , rethink habits, attitudes and mindsets with regards to how we live, work, learn, eat —– and play.

I have been playing with my kids more of late and each time we play, we learn. I find myself with the intention to teach them in play, with play. Inspired, I set up Organic To Explore. From growing to cooking and eating, farm to table is the easiest way to teach kids healthy living. Caring for plants increased my kids’ awareness, then we discovered more links, such as that of culture and the environment.

At ZENXIN, we make your family mealtimes fun, engaging and meaningful. Now all busy Moms and Dads can open up a box, complete with essential guides and tools, and have create great organic moments with your kids.