Although the durian plantation is small, the owner and rest are quite friendly. we get to try the various different types of durians from mild to strongest i.e. MSW. it is actually a good experience! I am super impressed by the Zenxin Organic Farm! it is huge and well-managed! most important, get to buy the organic vegetables and fruits at a cheap price! What is a trip without buying stuff, right?! 🙂

Mingxin, our tour guide, is knowledgeable and most important, bubbly. I really enjoy myself throughout the trip! hope to join your day trip again.

Elsie Chia1 day durian trip on 6th July
Indeed a truly one of a kind rustic travel experience with lots of fun and laughter. Many beautiful memories and wonderful farmstay environment. Thank you for the effort in organising this family trip for us! We look forward to joining Zenxin Travel for your future trips 🙂
Fion Thia3 Days 2 Nights Customized Family Trip, 17 June 2019

The guides Mingxin and Seng Yee are very knowledgeable. They are patient and go out of their way to accommodate everyone. My parents keep praising the way they paid attention to detail.

Sophia 4 Days 3 Night Sincere Food Trail (March 2019)

Very well planned destinations. Many of our tour member have agree that the various farm we were brought to are once in a life time experience. Truly unique tour. Looking forward to more of such activities.

We had a fantastic guide and I feel the name given to this tour is exactly what was provided to us “sincere” we have better understood the company objective of giving back to society through the organic farm and better appreciation of organic vegetables. This tour is truly worth every cent cents we have spent. Well done Zenxin.

Daniel Choo4 Days 3 Night Sincere Food Trail (March 2019)

All the places we visited were unconventional and unusual. These were the places which tourists won’t frequent. Its totally a new way of exploring and understading Cameron Highlands in another perspective.

The whole trip was packed with actitivies! We were not bored in any moment. I could see that this trip’s destinations were carefully planned. Every meal was also unique. No repeated menu which may made us bored. One evening, we could be having a dinner in a nice tea house, the other night, we might be having steamboat with our own plucked vegetables. Massive appreciation and thanks going to MingXin and Aisha. They were very helpful, fast to response and took good care of us.

Meng4 Days 3 Nights Sincere Food Trail

Very authentic. Not the typical eating and shopping tour but the places that we visited are places that gives us the local feel. We got to know the background of the local area/culture. I like the fishing village & the ship making workshop and briefing in particular. The tour leader, Mingxin, is very dedicated and caring in what she does. The places of visits are carefully planned and brings out the local feel & significance of the area. Knowledgeable of the area as well. Keep up the good work!

Foo Siew Kuan (Karen)2 Days 1 Night Durian+Cultural Tour


焕珍2 Days 1 Night Simply Nature Trip 5-6 Nov

“Tour leader, Mingxin, is very friendly helpful and resourceful. She provided excellence service and we enjoyed the outing very much. Tour Guide and driver were punctual and very approachable.”

San SanMOE Staff 1 day retreat trip(North Spring School) - Kluang and JB, 03rd Sept 2018



慧艳Jungle Classroom Tour, 15 Jul 2018


SnowOur Eco Trip, 17-19 Jun 2018

“This travel agent organises somewhere extraordinary and gives us a glimpse of the local people’s daily lives. This might be because the tour co-ordinator, Ms Soong, is very at home of small corners of a vast Malaysia. I always enjoy joining their tours as they bring us to the places where we would never have a chance to go otherwise. Good job! Ms Soong. On top of that, a reasonable tour fare and down to earth accommodation would suit to those who, like me, love some nourishment from rich in nature.”

Asae Hirano30 Mar 2018

“I joined Zenxin Travel on a 2d1n tour to Seremban over the last weekend (24 to 25 March). The highlight of the tour was the spectacular 24 Festive Drums Regional Competition – an eye-opener as it is something which is not seen in Singapore. The performing schools put up amazing performances and it was indeed a stiff competition. Nice cultural tour that also included a visit to the Centipede Temple.”

Nanc TanSeremban Tour, 24 - 25 Mar 2018

“Bringing us to places that are exclusive and loved by the locals. An authentic agency and sincere group that will assure you a good time and enjoy the best and healthiest food!”

Xian Hong11 Mar 2018

“Went for a 2D1N Bekok/Labis tour with Zenxin Travel in Dec’17. Not the usual commercial tours, it was so fun and we experienced the authentic Bekok and Labis like a local. Learnt new things in this trip too. Love the rustic and peaceful Bekok town. The locals are friendly too. It was also a unique experience to take the KTM trains to/fro both towns and the itinerary is fully packed (love it!). Thank you for the b’day surprise and special thanks to Vivonne for all the arrangements. Much appreciated. I truly enjoyed the fruitful trip. Hope to join other tours again 

Shirline2D1N Bekok & Labis Tour, 2 - 3 Dec 2017

“My husband and I just returned to Singapore from the pilot trip of the “Sincere Food Trail” to the Cameron Highlands and Ipoh. Honestly, I would not recommend anyone visit the Cameron Highlands any other way than with Zenxin. CH can be a rather touristy place (albeit mostly domestic tourism) but this trip took us to places which tourists simply don’t go. Tourists can’t visit farms (they only visit the farmers markets on the side of the road, many of which don’t even sell local products) and we visited three farms.

Also, our leaders Vivonne and Seng Yee are knowledgable enough to avoid all the peak tourist times for certain sights (like the BOH Tea Plantation) so they were able to time our driving and arrival to avoid the crowds. Traffic can be heavy in CH on the weekends (weekdays there is none) so it was great to have such knowledgable guides.

Meeting real-life organic farmers and seeing for our own eyes were the veggies we buy in Singapore come from have made us appreciate our food so much more. We learned about what makes an organic farm truly organic and we could see (and taste) it for ourselves.

The food on the trip was varied and very delicious – once again, we ate in local places and not with tourists and we could tell what we ate was authentic. This was true also for our one day and one night in Ipoh. I had been told about the great food and famous rice noodles in Ipoh and they surpassed my expectations in terms of taste. So fresh. We visited a sweet potato (and peanut farm) where my husband did some harvesting too. We had never seen either of these products growing in real life.

I could go on and on about what a great trip we had. Vivonne was a caring and service-oriented tour leader, very knowledgeable about local history, food and customs. We came to CH and Ipoh for the first time ever and true outsiders but after our short 4-day trip we feel to really know the place and, as I said before, I wouldn’t recommend any other trip or way to visit CH/Ipoh.”

Galina SayeSincere Food Trail (Cameron Highlands & Ipoh), 29 Sep - 2 Oct 2017

“We went for the Tangkat Durian + Muar tour. We had a buffet selection of durians. Togther with other tropical fruits like jackfruit, Dragon fruit etc; the curry chicken and mee siam was yummy. This was followed by an oyster farm tour.

In the evening, after a tour around Zenxin Organic , we had a sumptuous vegetarian dinner. Great trip for families that wants something out of the ordinary.”

JohnathanTangkat Durian & Muar tour, 22 Jul 2017