Zenxin Travel Pte Ltd is a licensed travel agency in Singapore (TA02963) and a subsidiary of the Zenxin Agri-Organic Food group (est. 2001).

With our humble origins in sustainable farming and healthy living, we work with integrity and passion to bring added value to our clients’ lives through enjoyable tours and travel overseas. We specialise in agricultural, rural, gourmet, enrichment and in-depth tourism.

We work closely with our partners to develop exclusive programs in order to build appreciation for the process of growing and making food sustainably. These programs are developed for your enjoyment, but also facilitate a greater understanding and connection to the Earth.
Currently we offer services for Group Inclusive Tours (G.I.T) as well as for the Free Independent Traveler (F.I.T) to the following destinations- Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.
We are also working with various organizations to create overseas team-bonding sessions and retreats.


Currently, we specialize in offering travel destinations to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.


We believe every single travel experience should have a positive impact on our world. Our goal is to minimize tourism’s negative impacts on the environment and maximize the positive contributions to the preservation of cultures and life.

We try our best to preserve the culture, people and resources of the destinations during the trip, for present and future generations.

We believe the nature of human like being in nature. That’s why we plan NATURE TRIPS ONLY.

Our team regularly carries out on-site inspections before we promote the places to our customers. Besides this, we provide you the BEST local guide with GREAT knowledge on nature, heritage, foods, farms and local people stories. 


Vacation time is limited. Plan a Trip with us. 

Our network includes organic experts, natural explorers, local nature guides, outdoor enthusiasts and in-country partners who guarantee your unforgettable adventure!


Although the durian plantation is small, the owner and rest are quite friendly. we get to try the various different types of durians from mild to strongest i.e. MSW. it is actually a good experience! I am super impressed by the Zenxin Organic Farm! it is huge and well-managed! most important, get to buy the organic vegetables and fruits at a cheap price! What is a trip without buying stuff, right?! 🙂

Mingxin, our tour guide, is knowledgeable and most important, bubbly. I really enjoy myself throughout the trip! hope to join your day trip again.

Elsie Chia 1 day durian trip, 6th July

Very well planned destinations. Many of our tour member have agree that the various farm we were brought to are once in a life time experience. Truly unique tour. Looking forward to more of such activities.

We had a fantastic guide and I feel the name given to this tour is exactly what was provided to us “sincere” we have better understood the company objective of giving back to society through the organic farm and better appreciation of organic vegetables. This tour is truly worth every cent cents we have spent. Well done Zenxin.

Daniel Choo 4 Days 3 Night Sincere Food Trail, March 2019

Very authentic. Not the typical eating and shopping tour but the places that we visited are places that gives us the local feel. We got to know the background of the local area/culture. I like the fishing village & the ship making workshop and briefing in particular. The tour leader, Mingxin, is very dedicated and caring in what she does. The places of visits are carefully planned and brings out the local feel & significance of the area. Knowledgeable of the area as well. Keep up the good work!

Foo Siew Kuan (Karen) 2 Days 1 Night Durian+Cultural Tour



Snow Our Eco Trip, 17-19 Jun 2018

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