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February 2019

March 2018

Earth Day Unplugged 2018

By | March 20th, 2018|Events|

Earth Day Unplugged 2018 by Zenxin Organic Park 诚兴绿色有机公园 x 地球日野唱会2018   “There is nothing more musical than a sunset.”- Claude Debussy,French composer This year, we would like to celebrate this special day with a way closer to our mother nature. How about strong and wild beats with the instruments you make your own accompanying the natural, unpolished voice of our local band, together with the sweet humming of birds and insects which may

February 2018

The NEW Zenxin Organic Park

By | February 6th, 2018|Updates|

The Great & New Organic Experience 全新的有機體驗 What's new here? Check it out in this short video During the past two months Zenxin Organic Park has been going through some major changes, and we are now more than excited to present you the NEW Zenxin Organic Park! Some of the updates includes: New venues: Sunset Pavilion, Mulberry Stage New packages: Weeds Wonder World, Sunset Dinner, Back to Nature, Eko Farmer New

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