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During the past two months Zenxin Organic Park has been going through some major changes, and we are now more than excited to present you the NEW Zenxin Organic Park!

Some of the updates includes:

  • New venues: Sunset Pavilion, Mulberry Stage
  • New packages: Weeds Wonder World, Sunset Dinner, Back to Nature, Eko Farmer
  • New activities: Weeding Workshop, Chef Garden DIY Noodle Workshop, Nature Classroom
  • New  furbish: Farm Mart, Chef Garden
  • and of course, new menu and food too!

We hope that these new updates will be able to provide more educational, exciting and natural experiences, to bring you back in touch with nature!
You may check out details of our new activities & packages in Bookings page: 

or contact us @ 07-7595196 / 019-7738985

Our new website is also continuously undergoing new changes to delivery better experiences and convenience to you. So stay in tuned for new updates!

All in all, Zenxin Organic Park wishes to continue getting better, for a healthier you, and for a healthier environment =)






或是聯絡 @ 07-7595196 / 019-7738985

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