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Here at the farm, you can learn about organic farming up close. With our knowledgeable in-house guides, embark on a journey of education and fun!

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Our Concept

Humans cannot survive without food. Yet do we know much about our food?

We hope to share knowledge on origin of food, rebuilding our connection with nature, through guided tours in Zenxin Organic Park, food agriculture programme and activities. In order to protect and improve our natural environment, the first step is a change in mindset.

We hope that through the moments you experiences here, we may all learn to be grateful and appreciating of nature’s gift to mankind.



Why choose Zenxin Organic Park as your holiday or school trip destination?
Give you a reason to visit Zenxin Organic Park and make your trip meaningful and memorable!

Explore 探索

Escape from busy city life. Enjoy nature, listen to birds singing, meet little insects in the farm, gaze up the stars, explore the mysteries of nature and our ecosystem.


Play 游乐

Join in the fun! Get your hands dirty to make eco bricks, learn about herbs and medicine, harvest your own food, and hand make your very own organic vegetable noodles.


Learn 学习

Walk out from a classroom setting and experience food agriculture education with us. Do you know what are the differences between gourd, fruit and vegetable? How to make delicious and healthy jam? We learn and have fun at the same time.

走出教室,来一场不一样的食农教育体验。瓜果蔬菜有什么差别? 如何制作健康好吃的果酱?在玩乐之余,了解我们的食物的来源与知识。

Dine 品尝美食

Farm Table Café presents you our farm-to-table concept: a fusion of local, Western and Eastern cuisine, five colours of vegetable, bringing you a healthy vegetarian dining experience.

从农场到餐桌,农桌物(Farm Table)餐厅结合了本地料理和中西料理的烹调方式,使用五色蔬果,提供健康有机美味【舒】食。


Take a look at some of the moments you can experience here!

Sunset Dinner
Pet Petting
Harvest Walk
Organic Kitchen
Milk Bottle Fish Feeding
Insect Hotel
Herbs Growing
Knock For Fun
Organic Farm Walk
EM Mudball


You can always walk-in for an informational guided tour around our park.
It is RM18 for adults and RM16 for kids. The walk-in guided schedule is:

Weekdays Weekends


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