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Farm Table Restaurant

From Farm to Table
What is comfort cooking?It is eating vegetable, healthily and happily. With Zenxin organic fruit & vegetable and local produces, Farm Table Café @ Zenxin Organic Park presents you our farm-to-table concept: a fusion of local, Western and Eastern cuisine, five colours of vegetable, bringing you a healthy vegetarian dining experience.


Nasi Ulam

The Ulam Raja flower which has beautiful pink flower petals and brilliant yellow anthers, has edible flower, leaves and stems that has fragrance taste of green mango. Hence Nasi Ulam, is made by mixing fine cut Ulam Raja plant, a variety of wild vegetables and Asian spices with rice, and with a sprinkle of coconut floss on the top. This South East Asian spices and herbs mix dish is then ready to be served.

Purple Sugar Cane Steamboat

Purple sugar cane can be eaten raw, cooked into dessert and even as soup stock! It’s an excellently natural and healthy match with organic New Zealand spinach, cabbage, choy sum, kangkung, pumpkin and other organic vegetable from our farms, when cooked together into a nutritious steamboat.

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