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*** Earth-Day Month Special – Muddy Buddy ***

Specially designed for “Nature Lover”

Why soil and ground is so important to us? All our food grows from the soil, our home is built on the ground, our live are above the ground. If there are no soil and ground in the Earth, we might live inside the water and there might be another story of human civilisation. Be our muddy buddy to get your hand dirty and have more fun together!


  • Nature Talk
  • Seeds Adventure
  • Weeds Harvest
  • Seeds Bomb Eco Workshop
  • Eco Bricks Workshop

The highlight of the activities:

  • Get to know more about our environment and learn how to conserve the biodiversity through our “Nature Talk”.
  • Explore for the precious seeds around us and make your own “seeds bomb”.
  • Discover the amazing weeds around us and learn about the interesting facts about them.
  • Get your hand dirty and learn how to make “ECO Brick” by using natural resources around us.
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