Earth Day Unplugged 2018 by Zenxin Organic Park

诚兴绿色有机公园 x 地球日野唱会2018  

There is nothing more musical than a sunset.”- Claude Debussy,French composer

This year, we would like to celebrate this special day with a way closer to our mother nature. How about strong and wild beats with the instruments you make your own accompanying the natural, unpolished voice of our local band, together with the sweet humming of birds and insects which may join anytime to the music carnival? It will be all under the natural backdrop of beautiful sunset of the park where your favorite organic food is produced and grown. A hearty meal is prepared so you can enjoy it on the grass, we believe it tastes better under the magical purple-orange sky.

Show your love towards the mother earth! Join us on EarthDay 2018 at Zenxin Organic Park! Lets drum, sing and picnic while enjoying and embracing the wonder creation of the earth.

Date: 21th April 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 4:30pm to 8pm
Venue: Sunset Boulevard, Zenxin Organic Park
Performers: Orang Orang Drum Theatre, Gunung Lambak Singing Group, CHHS Choir

Adult                                RM38 (Member* RM 33)
Child (4-12 years old)       RM 28 (Member* RM 23)

Includes Shaker DIY workshop, entrance ticket to unplugged music concert, a hearty meal under the sunset (picnic style)

*Member Ticket is available @ Zenxin Outlets & Zenxin Organic Park.

SAVE MORE!!! Exclusive Packages for Online Purchase:

  • Family Package (2 Adult Tickets + 1 Child Ticket) @RM 80 (Save RM24)
  • Buddy Package (4 Adult Tickets) @RM 120 (Save RM32)

Add On: Percussion Workshop (3-4.30pm)@RM 10/pax (Normal Price: RM25)

More Info: 07-7595196, 019-7738985

没有什么比日落更具音乐性了。”  — 法国作曲家德布西





时间:4:30pm to 8pm
地点:诚兴绿色有机公园 桑园夕子坡

大人                                              RM38 (会员* RM 33)
小孩(4-12岁)                           RM28 (会员* RM 23)


** 会员票只在诚兴有机店和诚兴绿色有机农场售卖


  • 家庭配套(2大人门票+1小孩门票) RM 80 (优惠 RM24)
  • 同乐配套(4大人门票)                    RM 120 (优惠 RM32)

加购: 敲击乐工作坊 (3.00pm-4.30pm)每人RM 10(原价:RM25)

更多讯息:+607-7595196, +6019-7738985

Ticket Details:

Adult 成人票

  • Age: 12+
  • Add on 加购:
  • Recycle Beat 环保敲击乐 @RM10/pax人

Kid 儿童票

  • Age: 4-12
  • Add on 加购:
  • Recycle Beat 环保敲击乐 @RM10/pax人

Family Package 家庭配套

  • 2 Adults + 1 Kid (Save RM 24!)
  • Add on 加购:
  • Recycle Beat 环保敲击乐 @RM10/pax人

Buddy Package 同乐配套

  • 4 Adults (Save RM 32!)
  • Add on 加购:
  • Recycle Beat 环保敲击乐 @RM10/pax人

Recycle Beat Percussion Workshop 环保敲击乐工作坊

  • *Purchase with Earthday Unplugged Ticket to save more!与野唱会门票购买可以享有更多优惠!

Event Photos:

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