Chinese Jazz Sunset Concert 2019

爵士新年夕阳演唱会 2019

Chinese Jazz Sunset Concert

We love nature and we love music too.

Chinese Jazz Sunset Concert on 9 Feb 2019 is our fifth events which was organised at the Sunset Boulevard @ Mulberry Farm. Bossa Princess Z Yan, keyboardist Mian and saxophonist Yow Weng Wai brought us a wonderful sunset performance.

During Chinese New Year, we always visit friends and relatives and dine together to celebrate the festive. Chinese Jazz Sunset Concert is a good occasion for gathering and enjoy the great moment. Music makes people feel happy and enjoyable, especial the Jazz music. Zyan and friends brought us a 90 mins Chinese New Year themed and pop songs in Jazz style. At this outdoor stage theatre, we shake our own handmade shaker, swung and move gracefully with the music, enjoy the best moment which is a present from the mother earth.

We were so lucky that it was a wonderful weather with sunset in the sky. Around 7:35pm, the sky changed its colour gradually from blue to orange, then turn into night. It was a beautiful moment and a blessing start of the year. We hope everything goes well and wish all of you a good year ahead.

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2019年2月9日的【爵士新年夕阳演唱会】是我们在桑园夕子坡举办的第五场户活动。我们邀请到Bossa公主Z Yan欣彦,键盘手Mian和萨克斯管手Yow Weng Wai为我们带来精彩的夕阳演出。

农历新年之际,我们常常外出向亲友拜年和一起用餐,联系感情,庆祝佳节。今年的【爵士新年夕阳演唱会】让大家有了不错的方式相聚,共渡假节时光。音乐会使人愉悦和放松,特别是爵士乐了。Z Yan 欣彦和她的朋友们以爵士乐的方式,为我们带来了90分钟不间断的新年组曲和流行歌曲。在这户外舞台,我们随着音乐摇晃着自己亲手制作的沙瓶和摇摆身体,享受着大自然给予我们的礼物。



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